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Manage logistics efficiently to delight customers while releasing working capital.

Monitor and synchronize logistics across many providers:

  • • Analyze streaming data from environmental sensors, traffic feeds, telematics systems, geopolitical risk systems and more
  • • Gain actionable insights into what’s happening now and about to happen
  • • Accurately project arrival time—and react immediately to emerging issues

Smart manufacturers: Differentiate with real-time and predictive analytics

You need to deliver products as efficiently as possible. Only it’s a huge challenge when coordinating planes, trucks, trains and ships moving products from factories to warehouses to customers.

How efficient are the transfers in your network? How much capacity is being wasted by compensating for inefficiencies? Can you accurately predict arrival time? What condition will they arrive in? Can you reliably book inventory “on-the-water” as “available-to-promise”?

Smart logistics on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform combines real-time analysis of vendors, suppliers, environmental sensors, traffic, telematics, geopolitical risk and more for a logistics management solution.

Count on our solution to deliver increased delivery predictability and quality while reducing your cost and risk.

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