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Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain resilience depends on end-to-end visibility.

Stay ahead of kinks in your supply chain so that you can meet customer expectations with fewer surprises:

  • • Interact cost effectively with all supply chain partners
  • • Respond with configurable alerts and actions
  • • Meet ever-evolving demands flexibly

Better supply chain visibility and insight enables a better customer experience

It’s bad enough when your customers call and ask what happened to a delivery that was supposed to have been made yesterday. It’s worse when you don’t have a good answer. Companies frequently have no insight into supply chain issues and associated business processes that impact them until customers call to tell them something is wrong with a delivery. For companies striving to deliver a better customer experience, that’s a real problem.

To meet customer needs more reliably and to remain ahead of the curve when supply chain issues occur, you need Supply Chain Visibility delivered by Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. Supply Chain Visibility can provide insight into any and all of the upstream and downstream links in your supply chain. You’ll be alerted whenever something may not be going according to plan, so you can be proactive in implementing the solution that will have the least impact on your customers.

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