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To manage fluids at the wellsite, you must manage the flow of fluids to the site.

Know what you need, when and where you need it—and what you’ve done with it:

  • • Gain real-time insights into the status of fluid supply and demand via dashboards, analytics and automated alarms
  • • Streamline and optimize water acquisition, delivery and payments integrating with external suppliers and internal supply chain management solutions
  • • Satisfy the information needs of stakeholders and regulators using analytics reporting tools

Got 3 million gallons of water?

Hydraulic fracturing requires water—more than 3 million gallons of it, on average, per gas well. That poses a serious challenge in areas where most of the available water has already been allocated to municipal, industrial or agricultural uses. And nearly half the fracking sites in the U.S. are in such areas.

To develop wells quickly, efficiently and safely, oil and gas companies need to anticipate—and carefully manage—the logistics of getting those 3 million gallons of water to each wellsite.

Meet these challenges with our Tight Oil and Gas Fluids Supply Management solution built on the Digital Business Platform. You can streamline and manage the acquisition, delivery, storage, use and disposal of fluids at a fracking site. This helps ensure the safe, speedy, cost-effective and regulation-compliant development of a wellsite—even in a location where water is in scarce supply.

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