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Accelerate your retail e-commerce platform with in-memory data management.

Accommodate peaks in e-commerce traffic and reduce cart abandonment rates, even on the busiest days:

  • • In-memory data management moves critical data off slow hard disks and closer to where is it needed
  • • Augment, rather than replace, your existing e-commerce investments
  • • Better performance means more customers

Keep customers happy with e-commerce acceleration

Some days are busier than others for retail e-commerce sites. You know the crazy days—Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Manic Monday—but any day can push you infrastructure to the max, causing delays for your customers and abandoned carts.

How can you prepare to meet the peaks in demand and reduce cart abandonment rates every day of the year? How can you ensure an optimal customer experience on those crazy days without building out infrastructure that may not be needed year-round?

Providing an optimal, responsive customer experience requires greater flexibility and elasticity from infrastructure and not necessarily more infrastructure.

You can gain the elasticity you need though Software AG’s E-Commerce Acceleration solution, powered by Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. In-memory data management augments your existing e-commerce website and brings your retail big data from slow disks to ultra-fast memory.

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