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Your tool for driving a customer-centric digital transformation.

Deliver a frictionless customer experience:

  • • Create detailed maps describing the nature of different customer journeys
  • • Understand how your existing business processes, channels and organizations support those journeys
  • • Design and manage the transformations required to provide a superior customer experience on each journey

Align your business processes to support today’s customer journey

A retail customer’s experience used to be simple: The customer browsed, bought and took possession of an item in a store. They came back to the store if they needed to return an item or have it repaired.

Today, though, the journey is more complex. The customer may buy online and pick up in the store—a trend known among retailers as “BOPIS.” Add a mobile app, a call center and other channels to the mix and your customer’s journey can become quite complicated. Unless your business processes and channels are optimized to support your customers as they leap from channel to channel, you cannot create the frictionless experience that will make customers want to continue to journey with you in the future.

Built on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, Customer Journey Design is a digital transformation tool that can help you contour your business processes and coordinate your channels to support your customers along the entire length of their journey.

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