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Accelerate your retail e-commerce platform with in-memory data management

Accommodate peaks in e-commerce traffic and reduce cart abandonment rates, even on the busiest days:

  • • In-memory data management moves critical data off slow hard disks and closer to where is it needed
  • • Augment, rather than replace, your existing e-commerce investments
  • • Better performance means more customers

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-fast deployment
    • Deploy the solution in less than two weeks—without ripping and replacing your existing e-commerce infrastructure
  • Scalable, flexible and resilient
    • Website queries and customer interactions can be accelerated by up to 100x
    • In-memory solution can scale to meet even the highest demand peaks
    • Scales to meet day-to-day traffic needs, reducing the cart abandonment rate even on normal days
  • Standards-based
    • Designed for use in an enterprise Java® environment, the standard used by most leading e-commerce platforms
  • Cost effective
    • Low total cost of ownership
    • Facilitates hardware reductions by lessening reliance on complex back-end configurations

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E-Commerce Acceleration by Software AG

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