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Discover issues and opportunities—on any channel—in real time.

Gain actionable insights into many systems:

  • • Real-time analysis of transactional and operational data
  • • Configurable triggers facilitate response to detected risks and opportunities
  • • Flexibility to evolve in sync with the evolving demands of retail

Key Benefits

  • Monitor the entire retail ecosystem in real time
    • Real-time connectivity tools enable visibility
    • Real-time analytics enable real-time insight in-memory technology
  • Analyze data from all sources
    • Break down the walls between siloed data sources
    • Make connections that might otherwise be missed
    • Gain insights in real time
  • Identify risks and opportunities
    • Gain cross-system insights
    • Discover significance in seemingly isolated events
    • Respond faster when faster matters
  • Act in a meaningful way
    • Trigger alerts and escalations
    • Incorporate automated response as required
    • Seize opportunities and react to risks while you can

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