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Discover issues and opportunities—on any channel—in real time.

Gain actionable insights into many systems:

  • • Real-time analysis of transactional and operational data
  • • Configurable triggers facilitate response to detected risks and opportunities
  • • Flexibility to evolve in sync with the evolving demands of retail

Derive actionable insights from your entire operational ecosystem

Every retail process generates data. But not all of that data resides in one place. Some may be in your merchandising or POS systems; some may be in your order management or other systems. If these systems are isolated, it’s difficult to see how an event in one part of your operational ecosystem might affect other parts.

With a Retail Operational Intelligence solution built on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform you can derive insight, in real time, from the vast amounts of data generated by your disparate operational processes. By monitoring everything, including your merchandising, supply chain, store and channel operations systems in real time, you can see not only potential issues but also potential opportunities. The solution can suggest and, where appropriate, even automate responses to lower risk and seize opportunities.

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