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Analyze visitor location within your premises in real time to drive value-add actions.

Understand how customers move through your premises with location analysis and analytics:

  • • Redeploy staff to address bottlenecks and provide assistance to customers
  • • Optimize layout and product placements through customer path analysis
  • • Create and monitor geo-fences around critical places to optimize the customer experience

Key Benefits

  • Provide actionable insight of traffic throughout your premises
    • Yield 10x response rates compared to non-segmented promotions
    • Detect crowding and queue build-up in a given area and alert staff
    • Detect high-value repeat visitor to create unique and personalized experiences
    • Detect unattended customers in a specific area and alert staff
  • Automate actions based on real-time location analytics
    • Dynamically redeploy staff from one area to another
    • Alert staff of problem and redeploy automatically via pager or mobile device
    • Provide seamless customer service—redeploying staff automatically invisible to customers
  • Use multi-dimensional real-time analysis
    • Monitor and understand physical consumer journeys in your stores
    • Gain insight on repeat customers not purchasing
    • Understand visitor frequency
  • Provide historical analysis of customer location for planning and optimization
    • Analyze customer paths throughout your premises
    • Plan and optimize layout, signage and merchandise placement
    • Slice and dice the data by time, time-of-day, weekday and season
    • Plan marketing campaigns
    • Optimize staffing levels

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