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Analyze visitor location within your premises in real time to drive value-add actions.

Understand how customers move through your premises with location analytics and analysis:

  • • Redeploy staff to address bottlenecks and provide assistance to customers
  • • Optimize layout and product placements through customer path analysis
  • • Create and monitor geo-fences around critical places to optimize the customer experience

Analyze visitor location in real time to improve customer service and loyalty

Intuition and experience may have helped you optimize store layout and product placement in the past.

Now, with Software AG’s location analytics solution on our Digital Business Platform you can determine in real time where customers are crowding, how long average dwell times are, and how they move throughout your premises.

This location analysis and analytics solution enables you to take action to improve overall customer service as well as optimize your layout and signage.

Our digital retail solution alerts management and staff of bottlenecks and sales opportunities as well as provides historic visual analytics of detailed traffic patterns throughout the premise.

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