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Create long-lasting customer loyalty with right-time, personalized, location-based targeting.

Differentiate your brand through right-time and personalized marketing:

  • • Understand your customers' location in real time to maximize response rates
  • • Deliver offers, promotions, product and service updates, and 1-2-1 dialogs to a segment of one
  • • Create a marketplace to connect your users with merchants

Hyper-personalize offers and promotions based on customer location

Understanding your customers’ physical location in real time provides a powerful means to engage them at the right time in the right situation with location-based marketing on our Digital Business Platform.

By combining their real-time location with existing knowledge in loyalty and transaction systems, you can create personalized, real-time marketing offers at just the right moment—for example, when a customer approaches one of your shops or is just about to step out of the office for lunch. Historic behavior can be taken into account. Knowing, for example, that a customer typically goes shopping on Saturdays creates a highly contextualized marketing opportunity.

By understanding the situational context of a customer, you can maximize offer uptake to increase customer engagement, loyalty and ultimately sales.

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