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Solution Overview

Streamline retail processes with omni-channel fulfillment and orchestration.

Fulfill orders across channels via seamless orchestration across systems:

  • • Satisfy the customer’s desire to buy from any channel
  • • Use the optimal inventory source for each order
  • • Profitably deliver multi-line orders at the customer’s chosen location

Delivering on the omni-channel fulfillment promise

Today’s customers want to make purchases and receive orders at the time and place of their choosing. They are omni-channel—so, as a retailer, you need to be that too. Your brand integrity depends on it.

When inventory is spread across multiple locations, omni-channel fulfillment of order profitability is crucial. You need to be able to control interactions and connect different systems across the omni-channel supply chain while avoiding additional costs.

Your solution: omni-channel orchestration based on
Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. The solution is designed specifically to streamline your multi-channel fulfillment processes so you can deliver on the omni-channel promise.

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