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Gain continuous and immediate customer insights across all channels.

Consolidate customer insights for optimal engagement:

  • • Connect customer-related systems both on premises and in the cloud
  • • View customer data consolidated from all channels in real-time dashboards
  • • Act upon information automatically, in real time, across channels

Engage retail customers the right way—thanks to the right insights

You interact with your customers through many channels. Yet all too often, these channels are disconnected. Your store personnel doesn’t know what took place online or in a conversation with your call center. Likewise, your call center doesn’t know what took place in the store. Someone, somewhere, may be trying to upsell an item your customer just purchased—or complained about—yesterday.

Your team should be far more well informed than that.

With Real-Time Customer Insight from Software AG, you can ensure that the information associated with each and every customer interaction—regardless of the channel where it took place—is available immediately to enhance any interaction, across any channel. With Real-Time Customer Insight, from Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, every interaction with retail customers becomes an opportunity to enhance the relationship and take the conversation to a new level.

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