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Your ticket to streamlined information exchange and data integration within your retail ecosystem.

Move information—and merchandise—more effectively:

  • • Exchange product, sales, inventory, shipping and other information with any supplier or partner solution
  • • Interact with large numbers of ecosystem partners quickly and efficiently
  • • On-board and engage partners quickly and cost effectively

Sometimes it seems retail has more to do with moving information than merchandise. On an ongoing basis, you and your ecosystem partners share item specifications, purchase orders, planning, order orchestration, forecasting and replenishment data, and more. And it’s a two-way street in every case: You need information from them as much as they need information from you.

That’s where Software AG’s Retail Trading Networks solution comes in. You can streamline your business processes, data integration and interactions throughout your retail ecosystem by leveraging Software AG’s Digital Business Platform.

Take advantage of our proven high-speed, high-volume, data exchange and digital transformation capabilities. By improving the speed and ease with which you can interact with others, you can improve your ability to compete, your omni channel fulfillment, your profitability and your reputation.

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