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Dynamically target consumers with optimized digital signage based on demographic.

Use smart signage to display targeted advertisements and promotions to the viewing audience:

  • • Using face detection technology, automatically extract demographic features, such as gender, age and sentiment
  • • Select the right ad based on demographic taking into account promotions and inventory data
  • • Convert the “unknown” customer into a loyal advocate

Key Benefits

  • Target signage to viewing audience
    • Dynamically change signage depending on viewing audience
    • Respond to approaching individuals or crowds
    • Show static images, ads or video to hold attention
    • Include customized calls to action to drive customer interaction
  • Individualized and personalized marketing
    • Bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds with smart signage
    • Determine your viewing audience from video feeds
    • Incorporate external and internal feeds, such as weather, location, time-of-day
  • Collect detailed data for analysis
    • Understand profile of viewers—gender, age, sentiment
    • Understand how sentiment changes while looking at signage
    • Understand impact of signage by knowing the length of viewer engagement
    • Improve signage relevance based on ongoing analysis feedback
  • Enhance existing signage systems
    • Update/change playlists in real-time based on viewing audience
    • Dynamically incorporate calls to action into your ads
    • Adapt messaging to expected and actual audience
    • Include internal data, such as inventory and campaign goals, in the advertising process
  • Real-time video analysis to drives digital signage
    • Detect age and gender and drive appropriate content to signage
    • Map promotional content to specific market segments
    • Integrate with a branch bank’s existing digital signage
  • Feature-recognition tools protect viewer anonymity
    • Facial detection not recognition
    • Push information that will resonate with viewer
    • Update display content appropriate to newly detected viewers
  • Integration with other retail banking systems
    • Integration with financial product management systems
    • Ensure current terms and rates are displayed— even when they change frequently

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Connected Customer by Software AG

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