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Real-time inventory visibility gives you instant insight into your stock.

Understand your inventory for EVERY PRODUCT and LOCATION RIGHT NOW:

  • • Increase revenue by redeploying inventory between channels
  • • Meet customer expectations for online access to inventory status
  • • Facilitate ordering, pick-up and delivery from any channel


  • Get an up-to-date view of your inventory
    • See a constantly updated view that combines online and point-of-sale online transactions with shipment and store data
    • Count on ultra-fast response, thanks to Terracotta in-memory technology
  • Drive omni-channel growth
    • Empower customers to choose how to receive their orders with visibility into your inventory levels
    • Enable cross-channel inventory movements
    • Meet promised dates and quantities for customers
  • Update management with dashboards
    • Provide a real-time dashboard of inventory for your headquarters office, stores and business partners
  • Provide actionable insight
    • Know your situation right now so you can take the right actions
    • Make tactical inventory movements to fulfill a market opportunity
  • Incorporate multiple inventory sources
    • Connect disparate systems of record that hold pockets of inventory data using webMethods, including warehouse management, store inventory management, SAP solutions, Oracle® RMS, legacy and other enterprise inventory systems
    • Incorporate business partner data from suppliers and consignment stock
  • Drive inventory reduction
    • Reduce inventory by redeploying it across channels


Clarity Drives Opportunity – Real-Time Inventory Visibility

SAP® is the registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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