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Omni-Channel Process Orchestration

Keep the conversation lively in an omni-channel world.

Connect, enable and streamline the customer experience across any channel:

  • • Built for interaction and multi-party connectivity
  • • Configured for real-time analytics and action in response to customer demand
  • • Flexibility to meet ever-evolving demands

Smart connections and smarter interactions help fulfill customer expectations

The telco world continues to evolve but not in precisely the ways it used to be evolving. Most people have one or more phones, so there are few net new customers. You need to focus on customer retention, on doing a better job of meeting customer needs.

Whether the connected customer is actively purchasing a new service or idly looking at a new device, they expect you to be able to keep up an ongoing conversation on whatever channel is most convenient to them at that moment. To pivot across channels in this way, though, demands a level of omni-channel coordination and integration that your infrastructure may not have been built to deliver.

Omni-channel process orchestration, built on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, facilitates digital transformation and the movement of information, services and goods among all the nodes in a telco service delivery environment. The solution streamlines the integration of business processes for optimal transaction execution and facilitates the exchange of information among all customer-facing channels as well as all internal service delivery channels (including inventory management and intermediary systems).

As a result, you can deliver an excellent customer experience—across any channel your customers choose to use—and thus enables you to protect and foster the relationships you have established.

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