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Your flexible telco-grade platform for context-aware, real-time customer promotions.

Transform historical and real-time data into context-rich customer insights:

  • • Understand how to delight customers by combining call detail records, data on locations, billing events and more
  • • Combine customer context with marketing analytics data to personalize messages
  • • Trigger real-time customer interactions using your current marketing platform or our solution

Key Benefits

  • Derive “context” from your existing data
    • Source historical and reference data such as call history, customer data and billing data
    • Combine historical with real-time analysis of calls, location and other streaming data for unique customer context
    • Correlate context with your marketing analytics and customer segmentation data to identify the right interaction at exactly the right time
  • Trigger real-time customer interactions over any channel
    • Trigger “segment-of-one" real-time promotions or customer care messages based on customizable campaign logic
    • Choose the customer’s preferred channel including SMS, email or a call from customer service
    • Execute the customer interaction via your existing marketing systems or via our solution
  • Analyze and adapt strategies to improve customer experience
    • Take complete control of the campaign logic with an open, flexible platform
    • Analyze feedback on campaign performance for continuous improvement
    • Integrate with you existing marketing systems—no need to “rip and replace”

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