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Your flexible telco-grade platform for context-aware, real-time customer promotions.

Transform historical and real-time data into context-rich customer insights:

  • • Understand how to delight customers by combining call detail records, data on locations, billing events and more
  • • Combine customer context with marketing analytics data to personalize messages
  • • Trigger real-time customer interactions using your current marketing platform or our solution

How to win customer loyalty and increase revenue per user

Customers are less loyal than you would like. They perceive your services as a commodity, leaving you vulnerable to churn. How can you distinguish your services? How can you create an experience that elevates your offering? How can you retain customers and increase ARPU?

Software AG has your solution. Build on unique customer insights from your operational data. Use those insights to trigger real-time promotions. Engage customers at precisely the right time, via precisely the right channel.

Our solution for real-time promotions leverages insights from the customer data you already have and enhances it with data streaming in from all channels—including the Web, mobile and social media. By monitoring the streams of traffic flowing through your network, you can seize the opportunities as they occur in real time.

Engage your customers at the right time and channel with tailored promotions based on behaviors and recurring use patterns. It’s all possible with the Real-Time Promotions for Telco solution on our Digital Business Platform.

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