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Guarantee best performance and best cost using smart logistics.

Differentiate your services and customer support:

  • • Guarantee destination arrivals
  • • Improve profitability by efficiently using assets
  • • Automatically synchronize assets to improve performance for customers

Key Benefits

  • Increase margins through efficiency
    • Optimize asset route execution based on continuous, precise status and condition understanding
    • Eliminate transportation equipment waiting times at pickup and delivery destinations
    • Schedule loads and unloads based on predicted and actual arrival times
    • Maximize operator time through expedited, automated arrival check-ins
  • Be predictable to increase customer satisfaction
    • Guarantee arrival times by predicting them based on historical and current factors, such as weather, equipment stability and route times
    • Immediately provide customers with any arrival time deviations but only when the deviation is absolutely true
    • Provide real-time instructions to operators to control speeds, routes and product conditions to ensure on-time arrival and without damaged products


Smart Logistics by Software AG

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