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Guarantee best performance and best cost using smart logistics.

Differentiate your services and customer support:

  • • Guarantee destination arrivals
  • • Improve profitability by efficiently using assets
  • • Automatically synchronize assets to improve performance for customers

Smart logistics providers: Take control with real-time and predictive analytics

Gain a continuous real-time understanding of where your assets are and, more importantly, when they will arrive and if that arrival time agrees with the customer’s required arrival time.

Real-time analysis of streaming real-time data helps you do that. Smart logistics on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform enables you to analyze data from a wide range of environmental sensors, traffic feeds, telematics systems, geopolitical risk analysis systems and more—and use predictive modeling tools to take action across a wide range of moving parts.

With actionable insights into what’s happening right now and what’s about to happen, you can increase efficiency and productivity, reduce cost, waste, risk, and ultimately, improve both margins and customer satisfaction.

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