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Manage power generation you don’t control.

Stabilize the grid as more “non-dispatchable” power sources come online:

  • • Monitor and manage the flow of power—in real time—throughout your infrastructure
  • • Analyze data from generation and transmission management systems, your AMI infrastructure, even from streaming external data feeds
  • • Develop predictive models to facilitate reliable power delivery

Key Benefits

  • Analyze high-volume data streams in real time
    • Capture data from your Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network as well as delivery and generation systems to understand the real-time state of power demand, generation and infrastructure stability
    • Gain continuous insights into demand fluctuations as distributed power generation sources come into play
  • Develop and use predictive models to facilitate reliable power delivery
    • Combine real-time data with predictive analytics to develop models of anticipated energy demands
    • Streamline how you engage dispatchable generation systems using predictive models to avoid overage and underage conditions
  • Configure responses to real-time data triggers
    • Send customized alerts to specified operators when specific events are encountered in the real-time data stream
    • Initiate business processes within your generation, transmission or management infrastructure in response to real-time alerts

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