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Find and prevent revenue loss due to energy theft.

Outsmart energy pirates:

  • • Accurately monitor and detect potential current diversion events
  • • Match energy consumption profiles against site-specific energy consumption predictors and events
  • • Improve operational efficiency by automating revenue protection department workloads and processes

Spend less energy on fraud—use automated monitoring

Up to $6 billion of electricity is pirated in the U.S. annually, according to Forbes Magazine. That’s the third most stolen item after credit card data and cars.

Energy theft is on the rise—and it has cost the industry billions year after year. In the past, most cases have gone undetected. And when a suspect case was identified, recovering revenue was difficult due to breakdowns in the investigative process.

Leverage our energy theft solution on our Digital Business Platform to monitor all of your data streams through automation, including:

  • Real-time incoming alerts from smart meters
  • Inconsistencies between consumption and billing
  • Changes in consumption patterns compared to historical levels
  • Processes associated with investigating questionable service levels

By integrating these multiple streams in a way that allows real-time comparison and benchmarking, you can identify fraud sooner, protecting your infrastructure as well as your revenue. And, by automating investigation and billing processes, you also can improve revenue recovery.

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