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Amp up meter-to-cash performance.

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce billing error rates:

  • • Decrease collection costs, charge-offs and working capital requirements
  • • No need to rip and replace—works with your existing meter-to-cash process
  • • Gain end-to-end visibility and up-to-the-minute insights into process performance, cash management, outstanding receivables and more

Key Benefits

  • Gain end-to-end process visibility
    • Integrate the discrete elements of your meter-to-cash solution to gain visibility into the entire meter-to-cash process
    • Discover which process components operate effectively and which compromise performance
    • Gain insight into performance issues and proactively manage for an optimal customer experience
  • Monitor, refine and manage process performance
    • Track KPIs at the individual and aggregate component levels
    • Set up customized alerts to flag errors, anomalies, out-of-bounds conditions and more
    • Monitor the entire meter-to-cash process through a single dashboard
  • Deliver real-time answers
    • Gain at-a-glance insights into the status of bills paid and outstanding
    • View changes in performance against KPIs as they happen
    • See the real-time effect of any system or process change to determine whether the change achieved the intended effect

Meter-to-Cash Process Monitoring

Meter-to-Cash Solution by Software AG

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