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Amp up meter-to-cash performance.

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce billing error rates:

  • • Decrease collection costs, charge-offs and working capital requirements
  • • No need to rip and replace—works with your existing meter-to-cash process
  • • Gain end-to-end visibility and up-to-the-minute insights into process performance, cash management, outstanding receivables and more

Improved performance starts with greater visibility

The complexity of legacy meter-to-cash processes makes visibility into performance nearly impossible. If there’s an error transferring meter information or if a customer payment is not properly credited, you’ll find out about it—but often not until a customer complains.

That’s not the only problem: Process performance problems can result in greater working capital requirements, increased collection costs, increased charge-offs and decreased earnings for utilities providers. Without greater visibility into the meter-to-cash process itself, how can you fix the problems?

Improving meter-to-cash performance starts with improving visibility into the executed process. Software AG’s Meter-to-Cash Process Intelligence solution provides utilities providers insight into the performance of each step and transfer point in the process—even in complex heterogeneous environments.

The solution powered by Software AG’s Digital Business Platform also includes tools to monitor and manage those process flows more effectively. The end result? Reduced billing errors, working capital requirements and collection efforts—all while improving the customer’s experience and satisfaction.

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