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Take a streamlined approach to integrating Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

See what you can do with a standards-based energy analytics bus:

  • • Connect your AMI to your IT architecture and other operations technology assets
  • • Accelerate AMI application integration using a repeatable framework
  • • Extensibility facilitates smart meter and customer analytics

Expedite integration with a smart communications bus

An AMI build-out makes sense for many reasons. Making the most of this investment, however, requires a significant IT architecture and Operations Technology (OT) integration effort. You need to tie the AMI to the other core systems within your operations management and customer service management infrastructures and operational dashboards—as well as to your Meter Data Management (MDM) and planning and transmission management systems.

Point-to-point integration may have been the norm in the past, but the march toward a broader smart grid solution requires a more efficient approach.

Built on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, the Energy Analytics Bus (EAB) provides a smart communications conduit that can integrate all your IT and OT assets. You can connect each ecosystem element—AMI, MDM and more—so that each element can interact with every element in your connected environment.

The end result? Lower integration platform costs, greater business process effectiveness, better ROI in your digital investments and faster evolution of the smart grid.

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