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South Africa



Bateleur are the agents in SA for Adastrip from CCA, and has developed some add-ons to Adastrip as well as 3 other products which helps with management of very large Adabas data bases; Adasplit, Adasort and Zipditto. Bateleur has 11 customers in South Africa using these products and 7 customers outside SA, including the USA, UK, France, Switzerland and Australia. In SA Bateleur are also acknowledged as the largest base of Software AG knowledge outside Software AG. 


Estrip, Adasort, Adasplit, Zipditto

Estrip -  extends Adastrip to allow extraction from multiple related files, as well as performing formation on Adabas specific fields, such as packed decimal and Natural time and date stamps.

Adasort – sorts an Adabas unload file without the need for decompression

Adasplit  – splits an Adabas Unload file based on user specified criteria, and created 2 or more Adabas Unload format files ready to be loaded back into Adabas, again without the need to decompress. Ideal for data archive, and file preparation for the implementation of Adabas VISTA

Zipditto – a mainframe ZIP utility designed to Zip data base output ( column ) data.

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