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Global Middleware Consultancy (GloMidCo) is committed to reducing complexity and increasing flexibility in Message Oriented Middleware. As an independent middleware consulting firm based in The Netherlands, GloMidCo creates innovative EAI solutions in close cooperation with its clients.

GloMidCo has developers, consultants and architects operating on an international basis. These dedicated professionals are recognized for their expertise in the financial, utilities and telecom markets.

GloMidCo’s main expertise is Enterprise Application Integration by means of Message Oriented Middleware.

By using advanced networking equipment and VMware instances, every test configuration imaginable can be replicated in the GloMidCo laboratory. This includes executing Proof of Concepts (POCs), emulating a production environment or researching new software or hardware.

GloMidCo has established close cooperative partnerships with universities and other institutes for higher education. GloMidCo offers middleware education courses focusing on Message Oriented Middleware.

Partnership facts & figures

  • Partnership started: September, 2008

  • Joint customers: 2 

  • Number of trained webMethods people: 2

  • Vertical focus: Cross industry with most experience in Finance and Telecom


Software AG and GloMidCo have joined their forces and experience in the area of SOA governance. Both companies strongly believe that SOA governance is essential in order to be successful with any SOA initiative. The need of governance is understood and confirmed by many of our clients. Those clients started by finding custom ways of fulfilling their governance needs, mostly via manual registration (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Word), Wiki implementations or formal approval processes.

No matter how effective these solutions are, they reach their limit when service landscapes get more complex or when different aspects of SOA governance have to be combined. Those aspects can be version control, life cycle management, dependency documentation, asset repository and many more. Software AG and GloMidCo offer the combination of Software AG's free CentraSite Community Edition and GloMidCo’s consultancy experience in SOA governance solutions. This does not only include the installation and configuration of a software tool, it also involves transforming an IT organization. This is where GloMidCo can take over the leading role and add value by making it a success.

webMethods 8 customers
The CentraSite Community Edition is highly integrated with the webMethods 8 suite and allows rapidly putting assets under governance. Such assets can be business processes, ESB services and packages, portlets, web applications and Trading Networks document types.

The GloMidCo CentraSite Community offering encompasses:

  • Installation of CentraSite Community Edition
  • Performing the initial configuration
  • Building and filling an enterprise SOA repository/registry
  • Publishing webMethods 8 assets

A successful implementation will result in the following added value:

  • Supporting service reuse → reducing service development and maintenance costs
  • Services dependencies mapping → reducing production issues caused by unknown service dependencies
  • Define and document SLA’s and validate against actual usage → increasing development quality
  • Single central repository → cost reduction for installing and maintaining several repositories