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Parasoft Corporation

101 E. Huntington Drive
Monrovia, CA 91016
United States



Parasoft Corporation, headquartered in Monrovia, California, is the world's leading provider of Automated Error Prevention software solutions. The privately held company, founded in 1987, develops and markets proprietary development tools and solutions to help companies eliminate and prevent software errors. Parasoft's award winning AEP products and services help customers accelerate time to market, dramatically reduce development expenses, enhance total software quality, and increase end-user satisfaction. Parasoft is committed to excellence in software reliability and providing companies the tools they need to succeed.


CentraSite™ for Parasoft Corporation
Parasoft SOAtest is an automated, SOA aware testing environment that drives consistency and visibility into your business service lifecycle. Parasoft SOAtest allows users to test and verify all aspects of a service over multiple transport protocols. Furthermore, Parasoft is the only organization that delivers testing capabilities that identifies inconsistencies from the interface down to the individual line of code. 

Parasoft SOAtest is the most comprehensive and complete testing solution for your SOA deployment and is considered the industry gold standard for ensuring secure, reliable, and compliant Service Oriented Architectures. SOAtest was built from the ground up to support your Web services initiative and has been on the market for over five years. SOAtest is a proven solution with clients such as: Yahoo!, Sabre, LexisNexis, IBM, and the US Government. Enterprises select Parasoft SOAtest for its wide breadth of functionality as well as the ability to graphically model and test complex scenarios. 

Parasoft SOAtest features a collaborative workflow that allows any test asset created by an engineer to be leveraged by QA into scenario-based tests and load tests without the use of scripting! Parasoft SOAtest is also the only Web services solution that automatically creates security tests that protect Web services from threats such as SQL injections, XPath injections, parameter fuzzing, XML bombs, and external entities. Employing SOAtest throughout the software development lifecycle, users can prevent errors, improve quality and reliability, and accelerate the time to market for their Web service initiatives.

Executive's Opinion
"In the era of Service-Oriented Architectures, consistency is the key to success,” said Wayne Ariola Vice President of Corporate Development at Parasoft Corporation. “Parasoft Automated Error Prevention solutions in conjunction with the CentraSite Community Sponsors will ensure secure, reliable and compliant Service Oriented Architectures.