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Natural for Linux®, UNIX® & Windows®

Develop on modern server platforms.

Application Engineering

Product Benefits
Natural Engineer
  • Analyze Natural code automatically
  • Scrub bad or redundant code
  • Automate individual changes and pre-coded solutions to eliminate repetitive manual code changes
  • Easily transform single applications into multi-tier or service-oriented applications
  • Decrease maintenance efforts up to 90 percent
  • Improve application maintainability with automated refactoring and code changes

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  • Reduces development and maintenance efforts by up to 50 percent
  • A central dictionary maintains all development artifacts to provide services like the automatic generation of database tables and program cross-references
  • Used to migrate, document and back-up Natural objects between environments for control process from development to production, quickly and easily
  • Essential when source-code change control between production, QA/UAT and development environments is critical
  • Saves time in moving from development to production and lowers IT costs

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Natural Construct
  • Reduce development efforts by 50 percent for new business functions using this powerful, model-based application generator
  • Reduce application maintenance


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