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ARIS Process Governance

Manage and govern your business processes.


Feature Benefit
End-to-end control of BPM processes
  • Improve BPM processes that involve many people—such as change management, document control flow, change requests and requests for new models or objects in ARIS projects

  • Automate administration tasks to ensure quality, consistency and control

Governance process modeling
  • Governance processes are modeled in ARIS just like in any other process

  • Processes can be represented with various levels of detail (such as value chains and event-driven process chains)

  • This sequential representation is enhanced by a role view, which assigns process steps to the relevant employees

Support for a wide range of governance processes
  • Comes equipped with reference models so you can quickly support: model approval procedures (release cycle management); continuous process improvements; requirements management; policy management; SAP® rollout/implementation; modeling and analysis workflow; check in/check out; audit trails; and BPM service center processes

  • Modify the reference processes or design your own

Easy-to-use dialog designer
  • Use the simple drag-and-drop dialog designer to quickly create input templates for subsequent automation

  • Quickly create screens in a structured way using predefined form fields

Graphical data flow designer
  • Create the underlying data flow, a key component of the governance process, without any programming experience

  • The graphical data flow designer simplifies linking dialog box elements with the underlying data

Task automation
  • Using Web services, you can invoke and combine functionalities of different systems, such as ARIS and SAP, within the process flow and make them available for execution

  • You also can use Web services to initiate internal administration functions, such as versioning, merging, model locking and business publishing

  • Complex model management tasks, such as release cycle management, can be accomplished easily and consistently, repeatedly

Process automation & execution
  • The process, displayed as a graphical model, is automatically transformed using predefined, configured patterns into a BPMN™ process model for execution

  • This model is then passed to the automation engine, which manages process execution and monitoring based on the data in the shared ARIS repository

Process board
  • Save time with a custom, role-based view of tasks

  • The Web-based ARIS Process Board displays a list of all open, ongoing, delegated and completed tasks

  • You can see an overview of any person’s area of responsibility within the process

  • Anyone can use the ARIS Process Board—they’re guided step-by-step via the dialog screens and notification e-mails

  • Replacement cover and escalation mechanisms deliver extra flexibility and help ensure workflows run smoothly


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