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Alfabet 9.10

Transforming to the Digital Enterprise.

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 What’s New in Alfabet 9.10


Alfabet 9.10:

Transforming to the Digital Enterprise

Let’s face it. As an enterprise architect or IT planner, you’re under tremendous pressure to deliver solutions at an acceptable pace and price. That’s why you’re looking at the cloud for time-to-market benefits and need faster ways to analyze your IT landscape.

Alfabet 9.10 is here to help. Our latest release helps you quickly satisfy business demands while planning and managing your IT portfolio in a governed way to avoid expensive mistakes. You can better decide how to leverage the cloud and understand and plan IT investments.

With Alfabet 9.10, you can:
  • Bring cloud-based applications and Amazon Web Services (AWS) into your architectural inventory to be used in creating cloud-ready solutions
  • Map business architecture information from ARIS to data structures in Alfabet for ongoing planning and management
  • Analyze your IT portfolio using new types of charts
  • Enhance your portfolio chart so it’s easier to understand
  • Improve IT landscape diagrams with new options for labeling and icons

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