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Apama 9.9

Streaming analytics for the Digital Enterprise.

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Apama 9.9:

What’s new in the world's #1
streaming analytics platform

Apama is the market-leading platform for building applications that monitor, analyze and act on vast, fast-moving data streams. With the latest release, Apama 9.9, Digital Enterprises can be more proactive than ever in satisfying customers, improving operations, finding fraud and beating the competition. Here’s why:

Predictive analytics

Leverage predictive analytics models within Apama Streaming Analytics to identify significant events and take actions before they occur. For instance, you can better predict when maintenance should happen to fix equipment before it fails. This capability is ideal for predictive maintenance, smart logistics, smart store monitoring, fraud detection as well as Internet of Things and “connected customer” applications.

Easy integration with the Internet of Things

Monitor connected devices in your Internet of Things with Apama 9.9, thanks to increased support for MQTT and AMQP standards and protocols.

On-premises or cloud deployment

Deploy Apama as you see fit on local, server or cloud platforms. Apama is easier to install and administer in cloud environments because it now supports Docker® containers.

Apama Queries Designer

Easily develop Apama Queries within Software AG Designer, thanks to improved tooling with additional tooltips, simpler screen layouts, better on-screen representations of data, advanced expression editing and more informative error reporting.

Seamless integration with the Digital Business Platform

Apama 9.9 includes common Software AG deployment functionality, ensuring it is fully integrated into the Digital Business Platform, which is recognized as the first and leading platform to support all stages in a company’s digital transformation.

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