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Gain real-time, actionable insight into your stores with smart store monitoring.

Maximize merchandising decisions and store staff productivity:

  • • Understand what’s happening in your stores right now concerning traffic and sales
  • • Enable store staff to improve customer service with visibility into store operations
  • • Automate in-store actions based on specific situations


  • Gain real-time insight
    • Understand real-time in-store activities
    • Aid store managers in understanding and responding to events across the store
  • Increase customer focus
    • Free in-store staff from reporting to focusing on customer service
    • Direct staff to key focus areas
  • Sense-correlate-automate
    • Collect data from multiple disparate systems and sensors
    • Amalgamate that data to provide actionable insight for planners and store associates
  • Combine multiple data feeds
    • Combine real-time feeds onto a single platform to provide a single real-time view of what’s happening in store
    • Blend real-time feeds from: points of sale, customer traffic counters, beacons, RFID tags, BLE tags, WiFi triangulation, pressure sensors, shelf sensors and more
    • Add new data sources as they become available
  • Update management with dashboards
    • Provide real-time dashboards of what’s happening right now
    • Provide sales and traffic insight to merchandise planners
    • Give store managers broad insight across store activity
  • Alert or automate
    • Alert and suggest actions to improve and correct situations
    • Automate responses based on specific events


Smart Store Monitoring

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