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Gain real-time, actionable insight into your stores with smart store monitoring.

Maximize merchandising decisions and store staff productivity:

  • • Understand what’s happening in your stores right now concerning traffic and sales
  • • Enable store staff to improve customer service with visibility into store operations
  • • Automate in-store actions based on specific situations

Leverage multiple real-time data feeds for actionable insight into your stores

The role of the store has expanded from a location where a product is selected and purchased to a local distribution center, online pick-up and customer service location. This creates new pressures on store managers and their teams to undertake new fulfillment activities while assuring top-level customer service.

Smart store monitoring powered by Software AG’s Digital Business Platform is critical for a digital business and integral to the store's role as the execution hub of the omni-channel fulfillment processes. The solution uses real-time analytics and reporting while connecting individual technologies at the store to monitor, direct and streamline in-store and merchandising activities.

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