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Big data analytics | Software AG

Big data analytics can provide extraordinary business insight to help you make better, faster decisions—but it takes a pretty powerful solution to manage big data visualization effectively.

Presto from Software AG provides real-time operational dashboards for big data analytics that let you easily connect to any information source, quickly create mashups with live data, and effortlessly share them with others on the media they prefer—tablets, smart phones, websites, portals and SharePoint®.

Because it doesn’t require data to be stored, copied or re-housed, Presto provides faster access to big data analytics and handles real-time analytics data that other Business Intelligence (BI) platforms just can’t.

Big data analytics made easy

Presto simplifies and improves big data analytics with comprehensive capabilities that deliver operational intelligence more quickly. This big data analytics solution provides:

  • Multi-source connectivity, enabling you to combine data from any source, create data visualizations in real time, and respond to changing conditions as they happen
  • Powerful data mashing with a “point-click-connect” assembly tool that lets you bring together and manipulate data from multiple systems, and create new apps and dashboards in hours or even minutes
  • Interactive dashboards with easy-to-use tools that promote real-time collaboration, giving people the ability to create and share dashboards without help from IT
  • Mobile optimization, enabling people to access Presto big data analytics from laptops, tablets and smart phones while retaining the “look and feel” of your platform
  • Extensible features, enabling you to plug in custom or third-party components and to embed Presto in your own applications

Benefits of Presto’s big data analytics solution

Presto provides significant benefits for big data analytics.

Presto leverages the in-memory analytics functionality of Software AG’s Terracotta BigMemory to help you process big data analytics more quickly. Creating friendly dashboards is faster too, thanks to Presto’s Mashup tool, which enables anyone to build and share big data analytics dashboards without help from IT.

Presto lets you connect to any data source—streaming big data, data warehouses, news feeds, social media, BI platforms and even Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets. Preston provides comprehensive integration support for enterprise standards including CSV files, SOAP/RESTful Web services, SharePoint lists and Java® DataBase Connectivity (JDBC®) support.

Presto operational intelligence dashboards are based on HTML5 standards and can be easily embedded in other applications.

Presto enhances security of big data analytics by requiring no data to be stored on any device.