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The right business process management tool can dramatically transform your organization. Business processes, after all, are not just something your organization does—they are the very core of your business. No matter what your business objectives are—saving money, improving efficiency, faster product roll outs or responding quickly to competitive threats—improving Business Process Management (BPM) is the best way to achieve them.

But for many companies, business processes are not clearly identified and communicated, leaving no real way to document or improve them. A superior business process management tool can change that by helping you develop digital processes that can be easily identified, measured, documented and enhanced.

For companies seeking a highly effective business process management tool, Software AG provides a leading BPM platform that lets you improve processes and respond to changing business and market requirements more quickly.

Software AG delivers a superior business process management tool

Software AG’s webMethods Business Process Management Platform is a business process management tool that provides the control you need to improve the speed, visibility, consistency and agility of every business process while minimizing costs and increasing standardization.

With Software AG’s leading business process management system (BPMS) you can rapidly build or change business practices and workflows, creating applications that are as dynamic as your business is. This webMethods solutions enables you to manage tasks and teams more easily, fostering greater collaboration between stakeholders and departments. And you can monitor business activity in real-time, tracking KPIs and receiving real-time alerts of exceptions so you can act immediately to resolve them. The webMethods business process management tool even provides predictive analytics that help to identify potential operational issues before they happen—and before your end-users are impacted.

Benefits of Software AG’s business process management tool

The webMethods BPMS delivers significant benefits for business process management. With this powerful business process management tool you can:

  • Improve efficiency by continually refining business processes and eliminating manual tasks
  • Enhance transparency by monitoring performances as processes execute and taking action based on insights gained through real-time analytics and dashboards
  • Increase visibility in order to identify bottlenecks more easily and see if processes are running as they are designed
  • Improve quality by ensuring greater consistency, adopting standardized processes and avoiding manual errors
  • Accelerate change and respond to changing business conditions more quickly.

In addition to providing a leading business process management tool, Software AG also has solutions for business process analysis , business process modeling and more.