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Claims management is an increasingly complex task for insurance agencies today. Changing regulatory requirements, skyrocketing cost and rising customer expectations present difficult challenges. But trying to effectively manage these issues with legacy systems makes matters much more complicated. These older claims management software solutions lack the flexibility and functionality that today’s insurance companies require. Yet because these systems power so many critical processes, making a move to a new claims management system seems all but impossible.

That’s where Software AG can help. As a leader in solutions for digital transformation, our claims management system, Roundcube, is a cloud-enabled, modular policy, billing and claims management solution that is designed specifically for the insurance industry. Roundcube is platform independent and can be layered on top of any currently implemented core insurance system, enabling companies to overcome the limitations of their current technology and access the power of a future-proof solution.

Software AG’s Roundcube claims management system

Roundcube provides a customer-centric approach to billing and claims management, enabling insurers to improve customer retention, achieve operational excellence, and increase flexibility and speed to market.

Roundcube improves operation by maximizing straight through processing, allowing for greater efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership. A Web-based user interface lets users change business processes and business rules instantly, giving insurers the flexibility they need to compete in a demanding insurance marketplace. Roundcube also enables automatic processing and claims management, helping to reduce errors, improve response times and enhance customer service.

As a future-proof insurance solution, Roundcube provides comprehensive capabilities that include:

  • A clean and intuitive user interface that delivers an effortless user experience
  • Best practices that can be used out of the box and easily modified as needed
  • The flexibility to make changes instantly to accelerate time to market
  • Control over distribution channels, business processes, product design and business rules
  • A consistent user experience through any channel, helping to improve customer, an employee and agent satisfaction and loyalty
  • Dashboards that can be personalized to fit any daily business routine
  • Easy access to the data that leadership needs to improve business decision-making

Benefits of claims management with Software AG

With Software AG’s Roundcube claims management solution, insurers can:

  • Increase customer retention and reduce churn by providing an effortless and consistent user experience through any channel
  • Reduce errors and improve efficiency by increasing automation
  • Accelerate time to market with the ability to make changes “on the fly”
  • Access insight easily with a clear overview of proactive business intelligence
  • Improve business decision-making with personalized dashboards for business users

In addition to claims management software, Software AG also provides solutions for the B2B supply chain, combatting energy theft, improving application modernization and harnessing the power of real-time big data.