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Omni-channel fulfillment | Software AG

With increased competition from the Web and other brick-and-mortar stores, retailers today are relying on omni-channel fulfillment and order orchestration strategies in order to maintain profitability. Omni-channel fulfillment solves one of the biggest challenges for retailers—making sure that products are available at the time and place customers are ready to purchase them. Omni-channel fulfillment matches merchandise to consumer demand across all channels in all systems, integrating existing inventory, shipment and third-party systems into a single view of product mix. A superior omni-channel fulfillment solution is like equipping every piece of merchandise with a GPS beacon and giving store staff access to real-time inventory data.

When seeking a powerful omni-channel fulfillment solution, more retailers today are turning to Software AG.

Omni-channel fulfillment with Software AG

Software AG’s omni-channel fulfillment solution lets you find—in real time—a specific item a customer wants in your distribution network. Using the world’s fastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine and a market-leading integration engine, this solution enables you to:

  • Satisfy customer needs by providing store associates with real-time inventory data and educating customers about related products
  • Identify all sources of available inventory (including soon-to-be available products), sourcing products from the most desirable location and pinpointing products requiring immediate action
  • Maximize profitability by ensuring product availability, tying demand to supply and increasing conversion rates for original and cross-sell products

Benefits of omni-channel fulfillment

Omni-channel fulfillment with Software AG provides critical advantages to every aspect of the retail operation. For store operators, this omni-channel fulfillment solution helps ensure the right product mix is available in-store at the right time, without resorting to overstocking or having to rely on promotions to move excess inventory. In merchandising, omni-channel fulfillment eliminates the need to depend on incomplete inventory feedback from stores and enables merchandisers to rely instead on comprehensive real-time inventory metrics for an accurate assessment of customer demand and product in each store. Supply chain managers can use omni-channel fulfillment for a clear view of what’s in the store, what’s on the truck and what’s in the supply network. With this kind of real-time visibility into products sales, supply chain managers can better forecast transportation requirements, evaluate shipping options and plan for perishable merchandise.

Software AG not only provide an omni-channel fulfillment solution, but we provide additional solutions that address energy theft, in-memory data management, SaaS integration and more.