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Real-time personalization | Software AG

Real-time personalization is revolutionizing the retail marketplace. While retail marketers have long sought to personalize communications through customer segmentation, it has only been with the advent of digital marketing that real-time personalization has been made possible. By reaching customers with personalized messages at the very moment they are making a decision, real-time personalization holds the potential for much higher conversion rates and more successful customer relationships.

To do real-time personalization successfully, you need powerful technology that can quickly process vast amounts of customer data and instantly apply business rules for marketing messages. That’s why so many enterprises seeking a highly effective real-time personalization technology turn to Apama, the Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution from Software AG.

Real-time personalization with Apama

Apama is Software AG’s event-based customer engagement platform with an award-winning Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine. Apama’s engine captures and processes high volumes of customer interactions and data, applying business rules to apply real-time personalization and make the appropriate action or offer at the optimal time.

With Apama CEM software, retailers can use real-time personalization to execute customer engagement campaigns with context-aware promotions based on location activity and instant identification and remediation of service level issues. With built-in campaigns for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and the flexibility to quickly build and deploy custom campaigns, Apama makes campaign management easy. This powerful real-time personalization tool enables integration with both Twitter® and Facebook as well as existing CRM and campaign management systems. Tools for real-time reporting and data visualization enable marketers to track campaign progress with ease.

Benefits of real-time personalization with Software AG

With Apama’s powerful real-time personalization capabilities, marketers can:

  • Build customer loyalty by personalizing communications based on visibility into customer interactions, profile data and buying preferences across all channels
  • Monetize data by extracting untapped value from customer information in existing CRM and campaign management systems
  • Provide highly personalized services to vast numbers of customers with the power to capture and analyze events in real time from live data streams
  • Create more profitable campaigns by continually measuring effectiveness of campaigns in real time and refining campaigns to reach the target audience effectively
  • Interact with customers in new ways by rapidly testing and deploying new marketing promotions with no downtime
  • Get up and running with quickly, integrating Apama quickly with existing CRM and campaign management systems

In addition to solutions for real-time personalization, Software AG’s also provides solutions for mainframe modernization, prevention of energy theft and more.