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Big data visualization | Software AG

When you’re working with big data analytics, a big data visualization solution can help to get answers faster and share intelligence more easily. Presto from Software AG is a big data visualization tool that lets you integrate data from any source and quickly create real-time operational dashboards.

Presto lets you connect live to any data source, including streaming big data, data warehouses, news feeds, social media, spreadsheets and Business Intelligence (BI) systems. Unlike other big data visualization tools, Presto requires no data to be copied, stored or re-housed—that means you can access data faster than other big data visualization solutions.

Presto provides tools to quickly create real-time mashups and enables you to share those mashups with anyone on a desktop, tablet, smart phone, website, portal and SharePoint®. With Presto, it’s easy to get the real-time information you need for right-time decision-making.

Big data visualization with Presto

Presto’s comprehensive capabilities for big data visualization include:

  • In-memory analytics for big data capabilities that enable you to analyze datasets both big and small and to extend your analytics with user-defined functions or even R scripts
  • Comprehensive integration support for enterprise standards, including SharePoint lists, CSV files, Java® DataBase Connectivity (JDBC®) support and SOAP/RESTful Web services
  • Presto’s mashboard tool that lets anyone create user-friendly dashboards without needing help from IT
  • Easy-to-use collaboration tools that make it simple to share dashboards with anyone on a variety of devices
  • Embeddable technology that enables you to embed Presto apps in your enterprise SharePoint portal or in any JSR 268-compliant portal

Benefits of big data visualization

When you choose Presto for big data visualization, you get faster access to real-time analytics so you can make the right decision at the right time. Presto lets you set up new apps and dashboards in just hours or even minutes, instead of having to wait days or weeks for IT to deliver the visualization you require. Rather than restricting big data analytics to a privileged few, Presto makes it possible for anyone to use big data visualization to gain operational intelligence. Presto makes analytics more efficient, too. You can build a mashup once and run it anywhere—on websites, portals and mobile devices—while keeping the “look and feel” of your platform. And because Presto does not copy data or store it on any device, this big data visualization solution helps keep your data safer and more secure.