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For today’s financial firms, an agile FX e-commerce platform is a critical to competitiveness. With the right FX e-commerce platform, firms can more easily develop strategies, handle fierce competition, manage market fragmentation, survive with low margins and deliver customized services. A superior FX e-commerce solution can combine liquidity management, risk management, pricing and execution into a single end-to-end platform.

Apama FX Streaming Analytics Platform from Software AG is a market-leading FX e-commerce platform that supports successful algorithmic trading and bespoke real-time pricing through an open and flexible foreign exchange trading platform.

Software AG’s FX e-commerce platform

Apama FX Streaming Analytics Platform provides state-of-the-art FX e-commerce technology, including the world’s fastest Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine and development toolkit, enabling trading firms to exploit algorithmic trading and pricing services in an open-development environment. With this FX e-commerce platform, firms can develop new models, quickly deploy existing pricing models, automate intelligent hedging for client orders and equip traders with tools to deal with trade flow in a highly fragmented, real-time market.

The speed and power of Software AG’s FX e-commerce solution enables firms to combine current, real-time metrics from multiple sources (including big data sources) with historical data in order to spot and act quickly on favorable trading conditions in real time. The Apama platform enables banks to differentiate their FX e-commerce offerings with customized solutions that increase the value of their investments in technology. It allows sales teams to instantly access different pricing models, multiple liquidity providers and quickly changing currency prices and quotes. Traders can use the Apama FX e-commerce platform to automate the processing of orders. And CIOs and CTOs can rely on Apama to provide the organization with technology for Smart Order Reading (SOR), aggregated views and electronic access for clients to submit orders directly.

Capabilities of the Apama FX e-commerce platform

Apama provides significant capabilities for firms in the financial sector.

Apama’s FX aggregation tools enable firms to view connected markets in a single screen. Traders can see best bid/ask across all markets instantly, optimize SOR for best execution across all connected markets, and increase profits with customized execution for market conditions and trading venues. FX dealing capabilities allow firms to offer the best prices while managing risk. Firms can protect against excessive client risk exposure, maximize profits through intelligent auto-hedging and tune trading services on a per-client bases. And FX internalization features help maintain competitive advantage in fast-moving markets.

In addition to our FX e-commerce platform, Software AG also provides solutions for energy analytics, real-time messaging, SAP connectivity and more.

SAP is the trademark or registered trademark of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries.