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In-memory Analytics | Software AG

When you need faster insight and operational intelligence for better decision-making, in-memory analytics from Software AG can help. Software AG’s Presto provides operational dashboards with in-memory analytics that let you combine live data from any source to get answers more quickly and to share them more easily. Because Presto’s in-memory analytics solution requires no data to be copied, stored or re-housed, it keeps data more secure and can handle data that other Business Intelligence (BI) platforms cannot.

Benefits of an in-memory analytics solution

With Presto’s in-memory analytics technology, you can:

  • Combine fresh data from any source, including streaming big data, business intelligence systems, news feeds, data warehouses, social media and even Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets
  • Create real-time analytics mashups and dashboards in minutes or hours, rather than waiting days for help from IT
  • Build a dashboard once and run it anywhere—on websites, mobile devices and portals
  • Work easily with big data analytics using tools for big data visualization
  • Improve monitoring and business performance with easy access to real-time KPIs and metrics
  • Keep data safe and secure—Presto in-memory analytics require no data to be stored on any device

How Presto in-memory analytics work

Presto in-memory analytics let you speed up analytics against your big data and use live, historical and transactional data for a real-time 360-degree view of your operations.

Presto relies on Software AG’s Terracotta solution to offer an in-memory analytics language, RAQL, for analyzing data both big and small. RAQL is an extensible language that lets you extend core functionality to create customized functions. It comes with several built-in analytics functions, such as k-means observations and k-means clustering, and enables you to apply sophisticated in-memory analytics using SQL-like queries.

Presto’s in-memory analytics are capable of processing hundreds of terabytes of data in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. Terracotta’s enterprise-grade BigMemory in-memory data management platform provides high-performance data caching that lets you mash big data with transactional enterprise data into actionable dashboards for real-time decision-making.

Presto’s in-memory analytics are extremely scalable, combining with Terracotta’s BigMemory capacity to scale up to hundreds of terabytes in order to meet the biggest real-time analytics requirements. By connecting more servers and more instances that share the same pool of memory, Presto’s scale-out architecture eliminates the need to manage how Java® applications use terabytes of data. Together, Presto and Terracotta BigMemory give you the answers you need to understand the impact of changing conditions as they happen.