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Operational intelligence | Software AG

With the speed of business in today’s marketplace, you need fast access to operational intelligence in order to stay competitive. Presto from Software AG offers a real-time analytics solution that lets you access data more quickly, create operational dashboards more easily and share operational intelligence more effectively than other Business Intelligence (BI) analytics platforms.

Presto lets you combine data from any original source—streaming big data, BI systems, Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, social media, news feeds, data warehouses—and create mashups of live data to get faster access to operational intelligence. Once mashups and dashboards are created, you can re-use them as often as necessary and share them with others on desktops, tablets, smart phones, portals, websites and SharePoint®. And because Presto works with live data, no data needs to be copied or stored, enabling this operational intelligence solution to deliver insight faster than competitors and handle data that other platforms simply can’t.

Improve operational intelligence with Presto

With Presto’s operational intelligence solution, you can:

  • Give anyone in the organization the power to create real-time mashups with live data in order to view important indicators in real time
  • Create new mashups quickly—in hours or minutes—and re-use them as needed
  • Deliver operational intelligence via websites, portals and mobile devices, retaining the “look and feel” of your platform
  • Work easily with big data analytics using big data visualization tools
  • Rely on easy-to-use tools to minimize the need for help from IT in accessing operational intelligence
  • Gain easy access to real-time KPIs and metrics to monitor business performance more effectively

How Presto delivers better operational intelligence

Presto simplifies operational intelligence by letting you connect to multiple sources and manipulating live data to get the answers you need to respond to changing conditions as they happen. “Point-click-connect” assembly tools make it easy to bring together data from multiple systems and create meaningful data visualizations.

Sharing operational intelligence is easier with Presto, too. Easy-to-use tools enable users to quickly share real-time interactive dashboards and promote the kind of collaboration that is critical to competitive advantage.

Presto accelerates operational intelligence, thanks to in-memory analytics that reduce latency and handle large amounts of data faster.

Presto makes it easy to embed operational intelligence dashboards in applications and run Presto’s apps on SharePoint, portals, websites and mobile devices. You can even simulate apps on each device as you’re building them and save them specifically for tablet, laptop and/or smart phone, where the interactive qualities of “point-and-click” become “tap-and-drag.”

Beyond Presto, Software AG also provides solutions for enterprise messaging, fraud detection, GRC and more.