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Predictive maintenance | Software AG

Predictive maintenance provides manufacturers with a powerful solution for maintenance and service logistics optimization, helping to reduce costs, ensure uptime and maintain product quality. Unlike the high cost of preventative maintenance—where equipment is maintained on a specific schedule to avoid the risk of machine failure—predictive maintenance enables you to deploy service teams and equipment parts only when maintenance is really needed.

Software AG provides a leading predictive maintenance solution that combines the Internet of Things (IoT) with streaming analytics and process analytics, making predictive maintenance easily manageable and affordable.

Predictive maintenance with Software AG

Software AG’s predictive maintenance solution enables manufacturers to closely monitor machines with sensors and actuators embedded in the equipment. Using streaming analytics to continuously analyze sensor data and combine it with historical intelligence, this predictive maintenance solution is able to more accurately predict equipment failures and dispatch maintenance services only when they are needed. The solution also takes automated intelligent action to dispatch a part or schedule a technician, monitoring machine performance and field service technicians’ task lists in real time for more dynamic scheduling. The result is lower technician costs, improved service levels and greater machine uptime—all contributing to improved profitability and product quality.

Software AG’s predictive maintenance solution provides significant advantages to manufacturers. With this solution, you can:

  • Improve operating margins by decreasing the costs of technicians and maintenance
  • Gain real-time visibility into the performance of field service technicians
  • Deliver more stringent SLAs and customized maintenance services than competitors
  • Improve product quality with higher-performing equipment
  • Minimize unplanned stoppages due to equipment failure
  • Predict degradation and intervene before equipment performance impacts product quality

Industry-leading predictive maintenance technology

Software AG predictive maintenance solution is powered by a comprehensive, custom-tailored suite of technologies.

Software AG’s webMethods Integration Platform and Terracotta technologies provide the connectivity, scale and speed that predictive maintenance requires. These solutions can handle huge volumes of data, analyzing and delivering information to any device in real time.

webMethods Business Process Management delivers the flexibility to interact with service providers in real time and quickly respond to changing needs.

Software AG’s Apama and webMethods Optimize offer streaming and process analytics for monitoring sensor data and analyzing and acting on high-volume operational data. Together these technologies correlate, aggregate and detect patterns across huge volumes of fast-moving data from multiple sources, enabling you to take the correct action at the right time and to leverage the data in advanced prediction engines.

In addition to solutions predictive maintenance, Software AG also offers solutions for omni-channel fulfillment, energy analytics, application modernization and more.