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Risk management system | Software AG

Ensuring efficiency, fairness and transparency in today’s financial markets can’t be the sole responsibility of regulators—market participants must be vigilant as well. Financial firms working in real-time markets need a state-of-the-art risk management system to stay ahead of rogue traders and market manipulation as well as changing regulations. With the right market surveillance and risk management system you cannot only detect abusive or rogue trading and respond quickly, but also gain insight to modify trading strategies “on the fly” and take advantage of changing markets.

Software AG’s market surveillance and monitoring solution is a leading risk management system that lets you identify suspicious behavior and respond quickly before the damage is done, and respond quickly to changing regulations the customizable surveillance platform.

Software AG’s risk management system for market surveillance

Software AG’s risk management system is an out-of-the-box solution based on proven Apama technology. Combining real-time and historical data, this trade surveillance technology enables you to detect market abuse, money laundering, manipulation, rogue algorithms and rogue trading across markets and asset classes. The solution scales easily to meet the demands of big data and provides the flexibility and agility you need to meet specialized and evolving regulatory requirements. With Software AG’s risk management system, you get a single solution for monitoring markets, regulations, asset classes and jurisdictions.

This risk management system also provides:

  • Out-of-the-box alert scenarios
  • Real-time and batch data integration
  • Fully audited workflow and case management
  • High-performance scenario testing tools
  • Multi-asset and cross-asset class surveillance
  • Pre-defined reports for investigations and operational performance
  • Rapid roll out

Benefits of the risk management system from Software AG

Software AG’s market surveillance and risk management system enables financial firms to detect rogue, erroneous or abusive trading and take action quickly. With this system, you can:

  • Monitor pre-and post-trade with a highly scalable real-time monitoring platform
  • Establish complex rules and recognize complex patterns
  • Create new rules and refine existing rules in real time
  • Correlate real-time and historical data to spot prohibited or unwanted behaviors
  • Store important data in-memory for real-time responses and low latency
  • Process massive volumes of “data in motion” from multiple sources

With Software AG’s risk management system you can also customize the surveillance platform as regulations change, responding to urgent regulatory demands and adapting scenarios to changing regulatory requirements. The solution provides capabilities for fraud prevention and detection through powerful fraud monitoring tools. The system can also be tailored to integrate multiple sources and asset classes multiple markets in jurisdictions and to survey across combined data sets as if in real time.