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Software AG Announces webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition

  • Includes powerful visibility and control for pinpointing and preventing outages
  • Provides Tools For Root-Cause Analysis, Transaction and Business Context Reporting
  • Comprehensive System and Elastic Cloud Monitoring
  • Delivers Big Data Repository Access

Reston, VA, 11/29/2016

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) today announced the availability of webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition. webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition, a new offering from Software AG, delivers comprehensive business and system insight by providing full design-time to run-time application lifecycle validation, and execution-time visibility and control for distributed applications. With webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition, businesses can avoid losing a single important transaction in any heterogeneous, distributed environment comprising packaged or home-grown applications, legacy systems, and databases, while also being tightly integrated with webMethods Integration platform.

Using webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition, IT professionals can collaborate across an enterprise to detect, diagnose, and repair problems and exceptions that disrupt business transactions, and prevent them from recurring. A business transaction typically involves several steps and usually flows through multiple custom and packaged applications, middleware and databases. Even if each one of these is running correctly, the business transaction itself could still fail. The use of technologies such as integration brokers, messaging, ESBs, BPMs, SOA, cloud computing or analytics further increases the complexity of a business transaction – resulting in the potential for additional issues or failures.

webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition complements application management tools, which are unable to pinpoint or prevent many types of business transaction problems, including business exceptions (e.g., invalid data entry that goes undetected), situational issues (e.g., problems that affect only one customer, partner or channel), or stalled processes. Moreover, webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition proactively ensures transaction reliability, beginning during the application development phase, to create higher quality services that are less likely to fail in QA, performance testing, or in production.

Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer, Software AG, noted: “The health of a business and how customers perceive a company depends on key business transactions. These transactions, such as placing an online order, activating a cell phone, or reserving a hotel room, often involve customers or partners and flow throughout and beyond an organization in a complex ‘dance’ of human and application software interactions. In many cases, a problem with the loss or delay of even a single high value transaction could have a significant impact on the business in terms of lost revenue, poor customer experience, or reduced employee productivity. webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition not only helps businesses recognize and remediate these problems when they occur, but also proactively helps application teams avoid them early in the development lifecycle.”

Transaction problems can be quickly and easily diagnosed by viewing a detailed flow map that pinpoints their exact location – down to the specific service, operation or business process step. Transaction Service Level Agreements based on volumes and processing or response times can be monitored and enforced with flexible policies. In addition, using real time analysis, business users can dynamically optimize and prioritize business transactions, so that, for example, their higher value customers, partners and channels always receive the best service.

Jost continued: “webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition offers a comprehensive approach to business transaction assurance by providing quality control and application validation when applications are architected and engineered, before entering production deployment. This ensures that problems are discovered early and are simpler and less costly to fix.”

webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition swiftly and strategically modernizes the software already in use, while creating a forward-looking business foundation for the future. It can support more than 1,000 monitoring and control nodes from a single server while using less than two percent of the CPU’s capacity on the managed node, which is critical in its ability to provide the necessary scalability and performance for business transaction assurance. Transaction visibility information can be collected using webMethods Insight and trigger further actions for Big Data, streaming analytics (using Apama), exception handling and management (using webMethods BPMS), and visualization and reporting.

webMethods Insight Enterprise Edition provides a unique transaction-centric view of an application through a transaction topology map, rather than traditional network maps. This option allows architects and developers to create filtered views of the exact information they need at any given time. For example, a map of process steps can be rendered immediately, with timeline support available showing how the steps have changed over time.

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