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webMethods Mobile Administrator

Build, deploy & manage.


Simplified Setup of Your Mobile Infrastructure

Choose from a full set of capabilities

Mobile Administrator provides you:

  • Customizable application catalogs and approval workflows
  • Support for native, hybrid and Web apps
  • Over-the-air push and pull installation and update of applications
  • Advanced application and device policies
  • User-, group- and role-based access control of applications and versions
  • Authentication from directory services or internal database
  • Support for multiple platforms per application and version
  • Inventory management, including white- and black-listed third-party apps
  • Recommendation and review engines for application discovery
  • Monitoring and usage reporting

Here’s what you can do with Mobile Administrator:

Build & test

Build ready-for-device binaries of mobile projects for multiple target platforms using one central build environment. To keep assets and source code safe at any time, set up one or more build nodes within your private local network, then distribute new build jobs into your IT infrastructure. Manage build results by application and version.

Build Settings


Manage users, apps, devices and security profiles in one central place. Leverage a fully customizable catalog of apps and get mobile apps to testers, users and customers. With the device management feature, you can install and remove apps and also lock and swipe devices remotely.

App Management


Distribute new apps and updates with over-the-air installation. Using the Mobile Administrator native or HTML5 App Store, users can browse your app catalog and install apps with a single tap. Using push notifications, users can discover available updates and install them remotely on their managed devices.            

Device Management


Mobile Administrator provides all the features you need to collect statistics and usage reports. To improve quality and user acceptance, automatic crash reports and the console log output are provided per application and version.


Monitoring Dashboard