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ROI Calculator for Data Archiving for Adabas

Welcome to the ROI Calculator for Data Archiving for Adabas. This tool is for DBAs and Adabas users who want to gain insight into the potential savings that can be achieved by implementing Data Archiving for Adabas. By removing infrequently used data from the production database and storing it into a long-term archive, the operating costs of Adabas can be lowered on any platform.

Whether you own, lease or outsource operations, this calculator estimates the savings in reduced storage requirements, CPU and IO consumption, and back-up hardware. Standard chargeback rates are used to estimate the benefits of archiving.

Additional savings can also be achieved from reduced labor and time required to perform system administration tasks, backup and recovery. However, these savings are not calculated here. So remember: your real ROI will likely be greater than the results provided from this calculator.

If you have an idea of the size of your current system (Mainframe MSUs/RPFs and Cylinders) and three to five minutes, then you are ready to estimate your potential savings with Data Archiving with Adabas. Let’s begin!

ROI Calculator for Data Archiving for Adabas