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Product Overview

Software AG's webMethods Integration Platform is a proven, pre-integrated software suite featuring the market-leading Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that enables enterprises to rapidly integrate systems, services, devices, processes, business partners and data to provide new business value and improve business performance.

Business needs

Integrate cloud and on-premise applications
Today’s Digital Enterprises run a wide range of systems and applications for their business. Integrating these on-premise and cloud applications poses a huge challenge as the systems are built on different technology platforms. Connecting, integrating and interoperating with packaged, homegrown and cloud applications is one of the most critical business requirements and a complex IT challenge.

Connect partners and manage internal and external file transfers
Enterprises rely on business partners for products, services and several other mission-critical functions. Exchanging B2B data securely and reliably with large number of partners is critical to enterprise’s agility and competitiveness. Additionally, taking control of large volume of files being exchanged internally and externally with partners becomes essential for security and performance reasons.

Single source of trusted data
Applications own data but there are overlaps in terms of data-sets they own. This results in several versions of the truth and requires data be reconciled, cleansed and then synchronized as needed. Inaccurate data results in erroneous transactions raising the cost of doing business. By establishing a single source of trusted data, the cost and impact to business can be minimized.

Deliver big performance for Enterprise-Data-as-a-Service initiatives
Did you know integration is the top technology for enabling big data? webMethods uses an innovative gateway that accelerates your use of big data so you can glean important insights—like from sensors or on consumer buying behavior—faster and at less cost. Set up Enterprise-Data-as-a-Service initiatives quickly and securely by connecting to diverse big data ecosystems using a single platform and enabling access via APIs.

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